What benefits do students have when filing taxes?

Answer If you are attending school and pay tuition, fees and interest on student loans, you may be able to claim tax credits or income deductions on your tax returns. Additionally, if you are currently sa... Read More »

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Students Filing Taxes?

Typically, without a full-time job, students don't need to file for taxes. Nevertheless, there are some questions that a student may ask themselves before filing. They may wonder if they need to fi... Read More »

What are the benefits of filing taxes?

More than 64 million taxpayers received refunds in 2008 because they overpaid on their taxes. Tax returns factor in deductions, exemptions and credits that can reduce your tax liability.Significanc... Read More »

What are the benefits of filing married for taxes?

Since 1948, U.S. tax code has allowed married couples to file one tax return, called a joint return. Filing under this status carries several monetary benefits and conveniences.BenefitsIn general, ... Read More »

How to Report Unemployment Benefits When Filing Your Taxes?

Workers who have been laid off and are unable to find work depend on unemployment benefits to help them survive between jobs. Unemployment benefits are considered income and should be reported as s... Read More »