What benefits can I expect from colonic irrigation?

Answer You can expect electrolyte imbalances, dizziness, and weakness. It also removes "good bacteria" used in vitamin manufacture by the body. Some cases involve bowel rupture and life-threatening infe... Read More »

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How much does colonic irrigation cost?

According to, colonic irrigation prices vary state by state, but range from $55 to $95 per session. Most full treatments consist of two or three sessions over a period of seven to t... Read More »

At Home Colonic Irrigation Techniques?

Colonic irrigation fills the large intestine with two or three quarts of water and results in repeated bowel movements to clear out the body's digestive track. Tepid water enters through tubing ins... Read More »

Are colonic irrigation's harmful when pregnant?

Theoretically you can have a colonic when you are pregnant although most responsible colonic practitioners would not recommend this doing the first twelve weeks of the pregnancy.Always check with y... Read More »

Can my lower Chakras be balanced with Colonic Irrigation?

You almost lost what? A chakra? OMG!!!!!!!