What benefits I will get if I quit cigarette?

Answer The extreme benift is that u will live longer !! :D u won't have lung cancer if u quit !! Distract ur mind with other activities !! Play video games !! They are addictive and harmless !!All the bes... Read More »

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If a person with HIV held my cigarette to light his and then if i smoked the cigarette will I contract the vir?

the only chance would be if the person had blood on the cig and you wiped the blood on your cut.

Has anyone used an electronic cigarette to quit smoking?

I tried, I found an e cig that I like and used it for a couple of weeks without smoking "real" cigs but eventually I went back to them. I use both now, I smoke a lot less of the real ones but still... Read More »

Have the graphic warnings on cigarette packs made you quit?

No, it was the thought of dying of lung cancer, and not being able to breathe!Congratulations on quitting!

What would happen if i quit work to go back on benefits?

In time, you'll forget what a work ethic is and how to work with others, and you won't be able to adequately perform in a job that will support you now and in the future. In short, you'll become a... Read More »