What benefit does diet sodas provide to diabetics?

Answer Because diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, these beverages have no impact on blood glucose levels. As a result, they provide diabetics with a sweet, safe alternative to regu... Read More »

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Do sugar-free or diet sodas have the same effect on teeth that regular sodas do?

The lack of sugar means they will not cause decay, but they tend to be more acidic. The acid can cause erosion if consumed too frequently. Basically, they are both as bad, and should be consumed in... Read More »

What benefit does mowing your driveway provide?

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Does the sweetener that's in diet sodas give you brain tumors?

Does diet 7 up affect blood sugar in diabetics?

Diet 7up, like other diet soft drinks, does not affect blood sugar in diabetics because it does not contain any sugar or other carbohydrates. Diet 7up contains no calories, fat, carbohydrates or pr... Read More »