What beer goes better with eggplant parmesan: imperial stout or Belgian white ale?

Answer Belgian whiteWhite/wheat beers go better with veggie-based dishesStouts go better with more meaty dishes

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Imperial Stout Trooper Beer?

There has been a release of this beer this year. The bad news is that it is only brewed in very limited quantities and was released in April.The second piece of bad news is that their outlets - the... Read More »

What is your favorite Belgian beer?

Chimay the Blue but my local only gets red and only once the Blue Reserve on tap. Add to that, The Trappe-brown, The Biere Des Moules (tongue in cheek). I say this because the beer has a nick-name ... Read More »

How to Fold an Egg White Into Beer Batter?

Beaten egg whites can offer a lightness to dishes that otherwise would not exist. Many flourless chocolate cake recipes, for example, call for beaten egg whites and would not rise appropriately wit... Read More »

Are white potatoes used in beer making?

No. Potatoes are not used to make beer. The main ingredients in beer are water, hops, barley, yeast and malt. Some varieties of beer are also flavored with spices such as curacao, coriander and all... Read More »