What bedding can I use for my hamster?

Answer Bedding, also called litter, is the material used in a hamster cage that absorbs urine and extra water, and it makes a comfortable place for the hamster to walk on and tunnel into. All species of p... Read More »

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How much bedding should I put in a hamster's cage?

Bedding in a hamster's cage should consist of wood shavings (but not cedar) about 2 inches deep. This amount of bedding will adequately absorb urine and give the hamster enough room to burrow and m... Read More »

How to Use Old Paper or Cardboard As Bedding for Your Hamster?

If you don't want to buy expensive bedding for your hamster, why not use old newspapers, cardboard, wood, or shavings of old tissue?

How to Make Hamster Bedding Similar to Carefresh?

Carefresh hamster bedding is great but very expensive. now, you can make your own!

How to Make Hamster Food, Water and Bedding Choices?

Give your hamster a happy, healthy home.There are a lot of hamster products out there and a lot of ways to give them to your hamster. This page will help your make the right decisions and make sure... Read More »