What bean is coffee made from?

Answer Quite simply, coffee is a product of coffee beans. According to the Toomer's Coffee Roasters website, coffee beans come from either the Coffea robusta or Coffea arabica versions of coffee plants.So... Read More »

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How to Make the Sunrise from Coffee Bean?

Sunrise With Whip Cream! YUM!Yum! Sunrise@Coffee Bean.'s expensive! Want to enjoy your Sunrise but at a cheaper price? Follow these few steps to get that YUMMY drink that everyone loves.

What are ceramic coffee mugs made from?

Ceramic mugs, typically used to hold warm beverages such as tea and coffee, are made from ceramic. The ceramic materials that comprise the many different types of mugs include earthenware, bone chi... Read More »

What is a fresh coffee bean?

There are two main types of coffee plants that produce the beans used to make most of the world's coffee. The two varieties are: Coffea arabica, also known as "Arabica" and the Coffea canephora, or... Read More »

What is a tarrazu coffee bean?

Tarrazu, like many coffees from around the world, takes its name from the region in which the beans grow. Tarrazu coffee beans grow in the Tarrazu region on the central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.... Read More »