What is the average water temperature in Orange Beach, Alabama?

Answer The average water temperatures in Orange Beach, Alabama, depend upon the month and season. The city usually gets water temperatures of around 56 degrees Fahrenheit in January, according to the Oran... Read More »

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How to Have the Healthiest, Clearest Skin?

Everyone wants perfect skin. Flawless or the skin you see on billboards. It may surprise you but it can be easy to maintain healthy skin. You just have to be smart, dedicated, and patient!

What is the giant steel structure under the water in Palm Beach fl?

It is the remnant of an old asphalt road that ran along the beach called A1A. It was destroyed in a hurricane in 1947 and relocated to its current location. It is now in 5 to 15 feet of water and a... Read More »

Why do people buy flat screen TVs when a tube TV gives the clearest picture?

Technically a "flat screen" TV simply means it has a flat screen instead of a curved one. Almost all TVs are "flat screen" TVs these days. An LCD or Plasma is a "flat panel" TV meaning it is thin. ... Read More »

Open cut and beach water?