What batteries can I buy for my Samsung Intercept and which is strongest?

Answer Nopee

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How do you pair Jawbone with Samsung Intercept?

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Samsung intercept update 2.2 problem?

They found the issue and fixed it. While this is not full-out froyo (no Flash, no live wallpapers) it is pretty cool. The phone feels faster. And it allows you to move some programs to the micros... Read More »

Is the Samsung Intercept Part of the Droid?

Released in 2010, the Samsung Intercept is part of the growing family of smartphones that are built on the Android, or Droid, operating system. Motorola's Droid X and Droid 2, both built on the And... Read More »

Does the samsung intercept have a camera at the front?

No, What You See Is Nothing More Than A Proximity Sensor So That The Screen Will Go Off When You Hold It To Your Face.