What barriers would a child with special needs face when visiting places?

Answer It is highly unlikely.

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What are the Psychological barriers for special needs children?

What Barriers are there for children with special needs to over come in a mainstream school?

There can be so many barriers for kids with special needs in regular education. They can have physical or emotional barriers,or both.

My grandson is visiting for the summer, has braces and lost his special toothpaste.?

Check with the local pharmacist. They would know which toothpaste would be OK to use. I don't see any need to go three weeks with a home remedy. Surely you can find something appropriate that he... Read More »

When should a child be stopped from visiting their father?

Reasons why a child should be stopped from visiting their father: If the father has too many parties in the home and neglects the child during the party (not checking on the child several times dur... Read More »