How to Be a True Nikki Sixx Fan?

Answer Nikki SixxNikki Sixx is one of the most important Rockstars from the 80's. He is the bassist of the famous band Motley Crüe. And even if he is mostly known for his drug addiction, he is an idol to... Read More »

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Between these bands (and only these bands) who would win (if you had to choose) in a battle of the bands?

OMG its gotta be on eof the hardest questions to ever answer i luv all them so much!!!..........i have to choose MCR......but all of them rock so much i feel bad for picking only one lol. they shou... Read More »

List your top two favorite bands and then switch the lead singers. How do you think those bands would sound?

Nightwish and...oh, I don't know, Leaves' Eyes, let's say.I actually think Liv might be quite good at the older Nightwish songs, since she has great range, but the newer ones with'd be ... Read More »

How to Love Andy Sixx?

Andy Six (Andrew Biersack) is the lead singer of Black Veil Brides. Do you want to like him without being a crazy fan girl? Here's how.

How to Dress Like Andy Sixx?

Are you a dedicated member of the BVB army? Do admire everything about Andy from his dreamy deep voice to his long gazelle legs? If you want to follow in his footsteps and dress like him keep reading!