What is the origin of the surname Richards?

Answer The surname Richards means "powerful ruler or leader" and is derived from the British Isles. Many kings have used this infamous surname that has hundreds of spellings to include German and French A... Read More »

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What is the origin of the name Richards in Wales?

Richards is a surname of Germanic origins. Richard means "strong, powerful", while the "s" at the end makes it "son of Richard." It is a common name in Wales, and is also found in the specifically... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Keith?

Keith means “woodland” or “forest.” It is a masculine name of Scottish, Gaelic and English origin. Keith was the surname of a line of Scottish earls during the 11th century. Famous bearers ... Read More »

What show is Tylor Keith on?

He is on a New Zealand kids show calleed I don't get it.

What happened to Keith from American Chopper?

According to these two message boards, and on the first one there is reference to more postings like it, Keith Quill quit and started working at a truck car wash as Director of Operations. http://... Read More »