What band have you recently fallen in love with?

Answer Ludoanswer mine?;_ylt=AhqVhztzCUfUP2vGA8A1Ednsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080721231041AA0Xbiz

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I have fallen in love with a girl on youtube?

We've all done that! Easy to do with so many beautiful, intelligent, talented girls on there.You can do no more than let her know how you feel and hope that she responds.At 17 it's a problem that y... Read More »

Does the Lauren kate fallen book have any relation to the fallen series on abc family?

Okay bear with me on this I'm 15 and love to touch myself I do it at least once a day and recently haveantrbut?

What song have you heard recently that you fell in love with?

Saving Abel - 18 Days (I've had the CD for months, but I just discovered this song)