Can you play Rock Band 1 songs on Rock Band 2 for the Wii?

Answer EA Games, the publisher of Rock Band and Rock Band 2, created Rock Band 2 to be cross-compatible with the games on Rock Band. Any song you download for Rock Band will work for Rock Band 2. Characte... Read More »

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Can you play Rock Band 1 songs on Rock Band 2?

Yes, you can play your songs from the original "Rock Band" on "Rock Band 2." All you have to do is pay a fee in "Rock Band" to unlock the ability to export the songs from the first game to the seco... Read More »

How to Play in a Band?

Playing in your school's band is very exciting, especially if you're in it with your friends. Being in the band isn't easy, though. There is a lot of dedication and hard work that are put into it.

How to Play Guitar in a Ska Band?

There are many elements that go to making a good ska guitar player. This article has a few pointers.

Do i need a usb adapter to play"rock band"on the wii?

While you do not need the USB dongle to play the Wii version of "Rock Band," it is required if you want to connect the game's drum, guitar and microphone peripherals.References:EA Support: Why Won'... Read More »