How to Decide What Instrument to Play in Band?

Answer This is a picture of my trumpet.This is an article meant to help those who want to play in their school band figure out what instrument they want to play. These are all optional steps actually, you... Read More »

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What band did Sebastian Bach play in?

Musician Sebastian Bach is best known as the former lead singer of the 1990s metal act, Skid Row. Born Sebastian Phillip Bierk in 1968, Bach has also released a variety of solo work since Skid Row ... Read More »

What cover band does PERRY play for on the sitcom still standing?

Perry plays in a Foghat cover band, which is not very successsful because as Perry puts it, it's cheaper to hire Foghat.

Why did Ted Nugent get a visit from the Secret Service?

Ted Nugent made some comments at an NRA meeting that worried the Secret Service enough that they felt the need to have a meeting with him. Specifically, Nugent said, "If Barack Obama becomes the Pr... Read More »

You hear the worst things about Ted Nugent?

I don't think he's evil. He promotes safe responsible gun ownership and the conservation of nature that goes along with serious hunting.