What bait do you use to catch trout?

Answer One of the most popular trout baits is salmon eggs. Cheese, marshmallows and corn are all items that you might have at home that work well. If you use corn, trout seem to like the canned, whole ker... Read More »

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What kind of bait is used to catch rainbow trout?

Rainbow trout eat flies. Using a lure that resembles a fly is a good way to catch one. Other good bait choices include live minnows, crayfish and worms, canned salmon eggs, marshmallows and cheese.... Read More »

Which bait is used to catch trout?

On One Hand: You Can Use a Fly Rod.When using a fly rod, the type of fly that trout will be attracted to depends on the time of year and which insects are hatching. One of the flies that will provi... Read More »

What pound line is for trout bait?

Generally speaking, four-pound test monofilament is a good choice when bait-fishing for trout. Go heavier (eight to 12 lbs.) if you are targeting substantially larger fish, such as sea-run cutthro... Read More »

What kind of bait should I use for trout fishing?

Vaughn L. Paragamian, whose official title is Fisheries Research Biologist at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, claims that worms are an excellent choice when fishing for trout. But if worm... Read More »