What bag is for a Hoover convertible vacuum?

Answer Hoover convertible vacuums use Type C bags. Type C bags offer standard filtration and fit both upright and bottom-fill convertible models. Hoover bags can be purchased online or at retailers wher... Read More »

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Which vacuum bags is used for hoover mach 2.1 vacuum cleaners?

Answer AnswerIf, when you state "...240 watt 2.0amp..." you are indicating that 2 amps, or 240 watts at 120 volts, then that inverter will power a device which does NOT draw more than that amount o... Read More »

Hoover vacuum help?

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Your hoover vacuum will not power up?

Answer A loose or disconnected neutral wire at breaker box or at the appliance. Depending on what is on when and if two or more motors are running at the same time. This can as well have the opposi... Read More »

Who invented the hoover vacuum?

William Henry Hoover ( for the Henry Hoovers )