What bacterium is present in the lungs?

Answer Healthy lungs typically have no bacteria present, but the upper respiratory tract has normal microbiota that may cause disease in the lower respiratory system. If upper respiratory bacteria such as... Read More »

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I slept in front of a dusty fan last night. Now my lungs hurt. Could the pain in my lungs be from the fan?

You'll be okay just for laughs go to the doc and ask him but yea it happens sometimes by accident. GL!!!😄

Do anaerobic bacterium carry out respiration?

Anaerobic bacteria do carry out respiration. It is different from the way we typically think of respiration-the "aerobic" variety--because anaerobic respiration does not require oxygen to be the el... Read More »

Where does photosynthesis take place in a photoautotrophic bacterium?

In a photoautotrophic bacterium, photosynthesis takes place within lamellae, small tubes and vesicles in the plasma membranes of the bacteria cells. Examples of photoautotrophic bacteria include Ch... Read More »

If coronary heart disease is linked to a bacterium, how might this affect the search for treatment?

Try to invent a vaccine rather than an antibiotic.