What background would look good on this page?

Answer flames looks good :Pedit:YOUR A TC?!?!?!? dude i lost my badge for the C&A section. lucky duck!

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What rims would look good on this car?

Black and 18 inch....but with Silver'd look cool manNo idea where u can find some online though, havent tried.

What would look good in this living room?

I see there are four paintings with frame on your wall. Are they genuine handmade oil paintings? I always think genuine handpainted oil paintings are valuable home assets. Maybe you can hang some h... Read More »

What would look good for this prom dress?

I think heels or flats would look good. It depends on your own style. I think maybe a necklace with a small gem and a small bracelet etc. nothing huge and over the top, just small little pops. I th... Read More »

What would look good with this shirt(Link)?

I think that would look really cute with some good Dark wash or black Skinny jeans and some either cute slip one or boots..Also you could add a fun piece of jewelry...Coral colors look good with bl... Read More »