What Is an Oscar Award?

Answer An Oscar is Hollywood's highest honor, an award given to the best films and filmmakers each year. These awards, also known as the Academy Awards, are given out during a televised, star-studded gala... Read More »

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How did the award called Oscar get its name?

It's officially called the "Academy Award of Merit," and it may be the single most recognizable trophy on the planet. At under 14 inches tall, the award's recipients are chosen by a vote of the Ac... Read More »

What is an oscar award made of?

The Oscar statuette is made of a metal mixture called Britannia. Britannia is made up of 93 percent tin, 5 percent antimony, and 2 percent copper. The Oscar is coated in a 24-karat gold plating. It... Read More »

Who was the first African American to win an Oscar award?

According to Turner Classic Movies, Hattie McDaniel was the first African American performer to win an Oscar. She won Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 1939 film, "Gone With the Wind".Sou... Read More »

Who was the first person to win an Oscar award for best actor?

The first Academy Award for Best Actor was given to Emil Jannings. He was recognized for his roles as General Dolgorucki in "The Last Command" and as August Schilling in "The Way of All Flesh" in t... Read More »