What aviation school in the Philippines is better AIRLINKS PATTS or PHILSCA?

Answer philsca because this is a state run college

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How long is aviation school in the Army?

Aviation school in the army is fairly lengthy since there is a lot of information to be learned before a person is able to operate aircraft. The program is approximately 15 to 18 months long.Source... Read More »

Aviation Oil Vs. Car Oil?

Aircraft and automobiles both rely on piston-driven internal combustion engines to propel them. However, due to distinct differences between the way airplane and car engines operate, a different ty... Read More »

What is QFE in aviation field?

A term used in basic telecommunication code. It means the atmospheric pressure at the aerodrome elevation or the runway threshold. With this setting, the altimeter will indicate 0 height on the gro... Read More »

Where can I buy aviation supplies in NY?

I think you should search from yahoo to find nearest supplier address of aviation