What attracts you to social networking sites and what features are still missing?

Answer You need to be unique or you are "just another one of those network sites".Most people are attracted to a social networking site by referral from a friend, or they are looking for someone who hasn'... Read More »

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Poll: What social networking sites do you have an account on?

I have an account for everything although the only ones I use still are Facebook, YouTube and twitter(google +, but rarely used) although I also have clubpenguin, habbo hotel, myspace, bebo, and a ... Read More »

What are some great social networking sites for Scene Kids?

Well, if you have a webcam, you need to get a Stickam. I see you know about Facebook and Twitter, those are also important. You will also need a YouTube and Tumblr. Those are all for sure ones that... Read More »

What good social networking sites are there that are not banned at schools?

BetterMember social NetworkIt has message boards, live chat, and a archade with 83 online games

What happened to all the early Web activity the earliest forums, social networking sites etc?

Have a look at some of the old bulletin boards in usenet.  This article will get you started:…