What attracts bugs&insects?

Answer Insects are attracted by a number of chemicals and scents, as well as bright colors. Bugs can be positive for a thriving garden, but the same smells that attract good insects can also bring irritat... Read More »

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What attracts bed bugs?

Bed bugs are reddish brown, wingless insects, about the size of a poppy seed. When they bite, they inject their saliva under the skin. If you're bitten by a bed bug you might start to itch and ha... Read More »

What Attracts New Businesses?

A good industry can put a city or state on the map, and any municipality will look at quality of life issues such as keeping its citizens gainfully employed. Many municipalities put a great emphasi... Read More »

What attracts cockroaches?

Roaches can eat anything, even nonfood items like soap, paper, pet food, glue, garbage, etc. They like dark, moist places to hide in (like bathroom cabinets) so once they find a favorable environm... Read More »

What Attracts Silverfish?

Silverfish are wingless insects that can grow up to an inch long. They can survive to live up to eight years. They are called silverfish because of the color of their exoskeleton and the insect mov... Read More »