What assimilates dissolved food?

Answer It varies with the individual. Often the lower section of the colon (also called the hobknocker) assimilates dissolved food. This is where license plates, suits of armor, and electrical tape are di... Read More »

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What is a dissolved oxygen meter?

The dissolved oxygen meter is a device that can measure the levels of oxygen in water. Certain creatures require specific oxygen levels within the water to thrive, so the meter is beneficial for ch... Read More »

What Is High Dissolved Oxygen in Hot Drinking Water?

High dissolved oxygen is not present in hot drinking water. It is, however, present in higher quality cold water. High dissolved oxygen in water refers to a high quantity of free or atmospheric oxy... Read More »

What does marriage dissolved mean on a birth certificate?

In the United States, the term marriage dissolved means that the marriage ended in a divorce. Although birth certificates vary by state, a standard live birth form may be used by more states eventu... Read More »

What is the increase in volume in 1 cup of water with 1 cup of sugar dissolved?

According to the Digital Bits Science Lab, a cup of sugar dissolved in one cup of water will yield 5/3 cups of sugar water. The total volume is less than the volume of its parts because the sugar m... Read More »