What assimilates dissolved food?

Answer It varies with the individual. Often the lower section of the colon (also called the hobknocker) assimilates dissolved food. This is where license plates, suits of armor, and electrical tape are di... Read More »

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What is a dissolved oxygen meter?

The dissolved oxygen meter is a device that can measure the levels of oxygen in water. Certain creatures require specific oxygen levels within the water to thrive, so the meter is beneficial for ch... Read More »

How does dissolved oxygen get into the water?

The dissolved oxygen in water is essential to supporting aquatic life, because fish use that oxygen to breathe. Kentucky Water Watch says the sources of the oxygen include the atmosphere, aeration ... Read More »

Are monoterpenes really dissolved gallstones?

According to Medscape Today, monoterpenes mixed with olive oil have a 50-year history of being used for gallstone dissolution, although how they work is still not well understood. Thus, monoterpene... Read More »

The Effects of Temperature on Dissolved Oxygen?

As the temperature of water increases, the solubility of gases, including oxygen, decreases. In other words, cold water can hold more oxygen than the same amount of warm water. Dissolved oxygen is ... Read More »