What arguments can i use to support an argument that wikipedia is reliable?

Answer You shouldn't be arguing for Wikipedia's reliability because Wikipedia *isn't* reliable. It's *often of very good quality*, but it's not *reliably* so. This is because there is not a system of form... Read More »

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What are some online databases besides wikipedia and that are reliable?

These are all the wiki sites online besides wikipedia. They do have a couple of wikis that can fin everything about your answer.Complete "wiki" list!

Is wikipedia really that reliable?

Yes, Wikipedia is reliable. Although I would never use it as a cited source, the External links sections of the pages are quite good. Also, if you need some background on a topic, I would definit... Read More »

Do you think that WIKIPEDIA is a reliable website?

It is as reliable as the users who write the information areYou can see:…that is what they have to say about it.The way Wikipedia works is that people are... Read More »

How reliable is Wikipedia Are there any free alternatives that are NOT open for editing by whoever?

Wikipedia is a lot more reliable than it used to be just because there's more oversight with so many people involved in editing it. "Sneaky vandalism" might be overlooked on occasion, but it seems ... Read More »