What areas do telus include in local calling?

Answer It sll depends on the game size you are downloading for example i have about 85 games on my ipad...

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The primary off-duty hazard areas include everthing except?

Measure square footage of condo include percentage of common areas?

Usually not. The square footage quoted should mirror what the unit owner owns and can sell. However, when selling a condominium, a seller can list dedicated amenities, such as an attached deck, a ... Read More »

Do phone records include local calls?

Yes, phone records include local calls. According to the Consumer Action website, phone records include billing addresses, long distance calls, local calls, number of incoming calls and dates and l... Read More »

Does it cost to call someone local by adding plus and country code on the telephone number when calling?

No, It doesn't cost you extra as long as you have the same country codes example 001 or +1, Both of these has the same cost, only that, some phones doesn't exist the plus sign (+) example landlines... Read More »