What area of the world is silver mostly found in?

Answer The major production of silver comes from Mexico, Chile, Peru and Canada. Nevada is the largest source of silver in the United States. Other countries provide smaller amounts of silver. Each year, ... Read More »

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Where is silver commonly found in the world?

Silver is found in and mined in 56 countries around the world. Silver is most commonly found in the United States, (Nevada produces one third of the U.S. silver), Canada, Mexico, Peru and China.Ref... Read More »

Where is the silver tree fern found?

The silver tree fern, also known as Cyathea dealbata, is indigenous to New Zealand. The silver tree fern is also known to grow in the Chatham Islands, which is a New Zealand territory in the Pacif... Read More »

Re: Silver Lake area of Los Angeles?

3 days- no answersI'd say you need to go to a web site that describes old Los Angelesplaces that no longer exist.-

What area in Mexico contains gold& silver?

Gold and silver mines are most frequently found in the northern part of Mexico, closer to the United States border than to Mexico City. Some locations of the major gold and silver mines include Pin... Read More »