What area is berber carpet good for?

Answer Berber carpet has been known for a long time as one of the most durable carpets on the market. The tight texture generally makes for long-lasting beauty and comfort, so berber carpet could be used... Read More »

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What Color Wall Paint Looks Good With Light Blue Berber Carpet?

Although the IBM Thinkpad 1300 is an older laptop, it is possible that it is capable of connecting to the Internet via WiFi. Not much is required for your Thinkpad to be WiFi ready. You just need t... Read More »

Is the host carpet cleaning method recommended for Berber carpet?

The Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning system is safe and nontoxic. It is safe to use on both synthetic and natural fiber carpets, such as wool, jute or sisal, and Berber carpets can be made of an... Read More »

How do I dye Berber carpet?

PreparationRemove all furniture from the room. Vacuum the carpet as well as the baseboards. Any dirt left in the carpet will stop that part of the carpet from absorbing the dye. Shampoo the carpet ... Read More »

Is Berber carpet still in?

On One Hand: Cheap Imitations HurtIs Berber carpet still "in?" Not according to veteran carpet sales person Karri Armstrong. She started selling carpet to clients of real estate agents in 2000 and ... Read More »