What area does Aloe Vera grow in?

Answer well i remember i was at my uncles house in arazona and i got sun burn and my mom went outside and got a peice of an aloe vera plant so arazona for sure

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What type of soil do aloe vera plants need to grow?

it grows fine in the worst dirt you can find, better dirt better plant. answer to second answer. it takes a couple of years to flower. for root sprouts, where do you live. six hours of sun a day. ... Read More »

How do I grow aloe vera indoors?

PlantingObtain a healthy aloe vera plant. Mix 1 part organically enriched potting soil, 2 parts peat and 2 parts sand. Fill a 10-inch pot with the mixture. Make a hole in the center of the soil for... Read More »

How to Grow and Use Aloe Vera for Medicinal Purposes?

Aloe vera, also known as the true aloe or medicinal aloe, is a species of succulent plant that probably originated in the southern half of the Arabian peninsula, Northern Africa, the Canary islands... Read More »

How do you grow a large aloe vera plant?

I have a 3 foot high one not really large but I am trying my hardest its main stem is 11 inches round I have used a compost mixed with black topsoil 50/50 and lots of water about one cup of water a... Read More »