What are your worst habits, honestly?

Answer licking the knife after ive buttered some bread (only if its bread ive made for myself tho)

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GUYS , honestly if you dont want to give your girlfriend your facebook password what are the reasons behind it?

There are a million reasons. He probably wants to communicate privately with friends without the fear of you reading and analyzing what he writes. Sounds reasonable doesn't it? How would you fee... Read More »

What are your rights to prevent your car insurance from settling with the other side if you honestly feel this is a fraud case?

Answer Typically, an insurance policy gives the insurance company the right to settle any claim at its sole discretion. So, you may have no right to oppose the insurance company's decision to sett... Read More »

Diabetics: What are your bad habits?

Never change my lancet , throw my strips everywhere haha seruisly look anywhere in my house and youll find used strips.nnand lick my blood of my finger! So were the samee!:D

People who are 130 pounds, what are your exercise/eating habits?

I'm 14, 5'8 and 130. i am very active and try not to eat much junk food but i do sometimes because its hard, i say just go for a run, i know boring but it really helps! or just do sit ups while you... Read More »