How many hours are part-time work hours in Arizona?

Answer Arizona is subject to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, which does not define hours necessary for full-time or part-time employment. The number of hours for a part-time position is at the discr... Read More »

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How many hours are part time work hours in Arizona?

Neither Arizona nor the U.S. Department of Labor has an official definition of a part-time or full-time work week. Instead, the employer makes the distinction. In most cases, work weeks less than 3... Read More »

If you are a salried employee but cannot work more than forty hours due to pregnancy complications should your employer be able to make you drop down to hourly and you lose your salary?

People with tattoos,how many hours of work do you have invested in your tattoos?

I have 14 tattoos. Probably about 33-35 hours worth. And I am not done yet. :)

What kind of hours do gardeners work?

During daylight hours, usually. Most gardeners vary their hours, according to the job being done. If it is a small job, they will work until it's finished. If it's a big job, then they'll work 6-10... Read More »