What are your weird food combinations?

Answer I put raspberry preserves on just about anything. Chicken, steak, deli sandwich, cheese . . . the list goes on and on.

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What are some really weird food combinations that are good?

Tuna in mac and cheese is awesome. It's like a tuna melt(can't find them in the S only in northern states).Pickled pigs feet(take meat off of bones) add to peanut butter and cracked pepper stir del... Read More »

What odd food combinations do you like?

Breakfast at my gramma's we always put gravy on our canalope,and broke cornbread in our milk glass and ate it with a spoon.

Favourite 'odd' food combinations?

Strange food combinations Share yours!!?

I LOVE raspberry jam on hamburgers.the bit of sweetness really adds a nice flavoursome people think that Poutine is strangefrench fries, cheese curd, gravy YUM