What are your views on the Montessori method of teaching?

Answer Montessori teachers undergo rigourous specialized training so you would be required to take additional Montessori training after your undergrad work in order to teach in a Montessori school. Many M... Read More »

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Why is the Montessori Method not the preferred method of teaching in the us?

Sorry for the repost, but figured it deserves it answering in this category too.I am working on starting a Montessori school right now here in Taiwan and the cost of the classroom materials for the... Read More »

Is Montessori the best method for most kids?

"She refuses to work and is very uncooperative, while all her peers thrive."There's a lot in there I do not understand, necessarily.1) What is she refusing to do? And why is she refusing? A teac... Read More »

I want to know the advantages and disadvantages of Montessori method of education?

i m not a Montessori directoress myself but have tried montessori exercises & material they usualy help in clearing the concepts of the student & the material is good to devlop kids' handeling & th... Read More »

HI,I'm very interested in the Montessori method and would like to read/learn about her methods to see if they?

Montessori is a combination of both a philosophy and a classroom practice. The basis of Montessori's success is largely due to an uninterrupted 2 1/2-3 hour work cycle. Without that, it may be di... Read More »