What are your views on homeopathic immunization for babies and children?

Answer Why not ? The fact that there is no autism danger involved in this process makes it an appealing alternative to "proven" ( not to work, that is ) conventional treatments. It appears your question ... Read More »

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List Schedule of Immunization Shots for Children?

The purpose of immunization is to prevent certain diseases. According to Kids Health, a children's health information website, the right immunization schedule for your child depends upon where you ... Read More »

Should the use of homeopathic treatments on children be banned?

Homeopathy should certainly be banded as a treatment for children, however I would extend that age to 18. I also think governments, medical institutions, and people need to either place homeopathy ... Read More »

What are nutritional or homeopathic treatments for lowering high levels of lead in children?

Most commonly is to use a heavy metal detox involving Chelation therapy. Chelation is when you take a herb or supplement which then attracts the heavy metals, and bonds to them as it removes them f... Read More »

Keepsakes for Babies and children?

A lock of their hair is a keepsake, Their first tooth when it falls out, the clothes they wore when they were small should be kept forever.