What are your views on Wikipedia?

Answer Wikipedia is in my opinion the best source of information on the widest variety of topics on the internet and the best place to start off when learning about something new. It has links to all of t... Read More »

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What are your views on piercings?

I think nose piercings are so cute, but only the studs. I would do it if I had the guts...but I'm too chicken. As far as the ears go, I think two is just fine.

What are your views on circumcision?

Male Infant Genital Mutilation should be outlawed!sassy said: "It is a parent's job to make decisions which they think are in the best interest of their child. By your reasoning, I couldn't tell a ... Read More »

What are your views on circumsicion?

I recommend not circumcising as it's completely unnecessary cosmetic surgery. Not only are there no reasons for it, but there are also no benefits that simple hygiene accomplishes a million times b... Read More »

What are your views on Overweight people?

I am larger than a 16, but within reach. I have struggled with my weight most of my life. However, contrary to popular belief, I am very active and don't eat as much as skinny people. I am just n... Read More »