What are your views on Overweight people?

Answer I am larger than a 16, but within reach. I have struggled with my weight most of my life. However, contrary to popular belief, I am very active and don't eat as much as skinny people. I am just n... Read More »

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Why are so many people in the US overweight?

A lack of physical activity and an overconsumption of high-calorie foods. The two factors mean the average American takes in a huge number of calories without expending nearly as many- resulting in... Read More »

How do you feel about overweight people?

idk?there going to throw up the food they ate?or eat him/her self?

What is Nauru about overweight people? According to this article, it is due to a mass consumption of junk food and lack of exercise. Apparently Junk food is widely imported to that area and... Read More »

Do your views on adoption surprise people you know?

Sometimes.Some people are very surprised that we keep ongoing communication with our children's first family. More often though, I get the most "surprise" from people still in process of adopting ... Read More »