What are your views on Apple iOS v Android v Windows Phone (8)?

Answer That Steve guy doesn't know what he's talking about regarding viruses on a Windows Phone. Windows Phone is a closed OS, similar to Apple's iOS, meaning viruses don't have as much freedom to cause h... Read More »

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What phone should i buy, android vs. apple?

Hands down the Xperia... Going from apple to Sony in the mobile world is like going from a reform sschool where there are so many limits to a high school that is all about fun....Still get a great ... Read More »

Will you be able to install the windows 7 phone os on your htc desire which is currently running android froyo?

You can download Doodle Jump from Android Market. But if you don't want to pay you can download a bad knockoff from the Internet, just search "Doodle Jump for Android"

Which is the best mobile os windows 6.5 vs apple os vs android 2.1?

android is good but not the best , ios is the worlds most advance os.

Can you install Windows Phone 7 OS on a Samsung Vibrant phone to replace Android 2.1?

Impossible, its like asking can my DVD player play Blue ray. But what you could put on it is windows mobile, like the HD2 has, since both phones are practically the same.