What are your top 3 favorite desserts?

Answer Strawberry cheese cakeLemon cake chocolate malt!Great now im hungry.........

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Vegans, what are some of your favorite baked desserts?

Everyone here in my family really love any fresh fruit sliced, sugared, cinnamon-ed and baked in pastry. Then they stick a large blob of ice cream on top (I pass on the ice cream - brain freeze an... Read More »

Are Mexican desserts the same as Dominican desserts?

Mexican and Dominican desserts are not the same things, as they come from two distinct cultures. Dominican desserts include jalao (honey and coconut candy) and suspiritos (meringues), while Mexican... Read More »

How to Use Nuts in Desserts?

Nuts in desserts make an interesting addition from both a taste and texture point of view. If you enjoy nuts, exploring the world of nut-based desserts can be a real joy.

Packaging for Desserts?

Desserts come in all shapes and sizes. An important consideration when making desserts is how to transport them once they are completed. Sometimes a container doesn't have to look pretty and can se... Read More »