What are your tips for encouraging children to care for their teeth?

Answer Start at an early age. Talk to them about it. Clean their teeth and supervise cleaning until they are about 10 years old. Make it routine and do it together when possible. Let them choose their ... Read More »

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Hair Care Tips for African American Children?

Whether you're an African American parent or you've adopted an African American child, knowing how to properly care for highly textured hair goes a long way toward keeping it healthy and growing. U... Read More »

Tips for whiter teeth or best teeth whitener?

Rembrandt is awesome though expensive. But one I do 2 or 3times a week is get toothpaste on you toothbrush, dip it in baking soda and brush. That works but will only whiten for about a night so it'... Read More »

What special care do children with Down syndrome need in a child-care setting?

If you gave your rights up to your child 10 years ago and their children are in foster care waiting to be adopted can you petition the court to adopt those children?

yes you should be able to adopt the children if you have a stable environment for them