What are your tips for eating at least five fruits or vegetables a day?

Answer I always ensure all of my family eat at least 5 portions of fruit or veg every day. Including my 3 year old daughter and 20 year old son. We have fruit with breakfast everyday even if we are havi... Read More »

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Why some meat eaters think eating vegetables,fruits are wrong even if they're eating both meat and vegetables?

I've never heard a meat eater say that it's wrong to eat vegetables. The old argument of "But don't plants feel pain too?" is merely the (lame) way in which they seek to justify the cruelty which ... Read More »

Fruits Or Vegetables Which do you prefer eating more?

I love home grown fruits with No preservatives! ENJOY SCOOTER!

What is the importance of washing fruits and vegetables before eating?

Food safety is the primary reason that fruits and vegetables are rinsed before eating. Pathogens present on the skin or peel of the food can cause food-borne illnesses. Ohio State University Extens... Read More »

If you need 5 fruits and vegetables a day are you saying you need 5 fruits and 5 vegetables Or just 5 total?

You need a total of 5 servings of fruit and vegetables, not 5 of each.A serving size of fruit would be, for example, one piece of fresh fruit (pear, peach, orange), or half a grapefruit, or a half ... Read More »