What are your thoughts on the 'ove glove,' as seen on TV?

Answer SavyNurse . i love mine . i am notorious for burning myself and since i bought mine , i can pull my oven racks out and lift heavy dutch ovens with no warmth what so ever . great new things to hel... Read More »

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What are you thoughts on marijuana Are my thoughts correct?

marijuana doesnt fry your brain.Marijuana does not kill brain cells nor does it make them go 'dormant'. Using marijuana can cause temporary impairments in short-term memory and what's called 'execu... Read More »

How to Put a Glove On?

Putting a glove on need not be complicated or difficult. Doing it correctly can be a matter of comfort or safety. This article will teach you how to put a glove on in a safe and proper manner.

How big should my softball glove be?

For adults, the average size of a softball glove for an infielder is 11 to 11 1/2. The average size glove for an outfielder is 12 to 12 1/2. Go to a sports store and try on gloves around the size t... Read More »

How to Get in Your Locked Glove Box Without a Key?

Glove box doors can become inoperable without warning. Keys can break off in the lock or the tumblers can jam suddenly, obstructing access to glove box contents. To replace a defective lock or retr... Read More »