What are your thoughts on Egg donation?

Answer I think that it is a wonderful gift that you can give an infertile couple. Make sure that you learn everything about the process before you go forward. It takes a real commitment of your time and i... Read More »

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What are your thoughts about directed organ donation?

It seems that in this particular case, both sets of parents happened upon each other, both in difficult times during which they bonded and the one set wanted their dying girl's heart to go to the o... Read More »

What are you thoughts on marijuana Are my thoughts correct?

marijuana doesnt fry your brain.Marijuana does not kill brain cells nor does it make them go 'dormant'. Using marijuana can cause temporary impairments in short-term memory and what's called 'execu... Read More »

Donation Tax Law?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows deductions for donations of cash or property to recognized charitable organizations. The deduction is allowed if a charity is registered with the IRS as a ... Read More »

Do you get paid for an egg donation?

You can be paid for your egg donation. The amount that you are paid depends on the area where you live and the facility where you choose to make the donation. Average compensation is between $5,000... Read More »