What are your thoughts about the Asian delicacy shark fin soup?

Answer While a chef and working in Asia (Singapore and Japan) I saw many types of fins from a variety of sharks, now that was in the 1980's, if they used the whole shark for food it would be better, but t... Read More »

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To others it was a delicacy but to him it was`a symbol of oppression,who was he and what was the delicacy?

I would say the delicacy was "grapes" and he was "Cesar Chavez".

What are your thoughts about this?

In my case I would check that with my Doctor to see if I could handle that idea, as it could harm my balanced diet, and I wouldn't want to pop pills to make up for something missing.You could consi... Read More »

Respectable Parents: What are your thoughts about hosing down your children in the front yard?

As a family practices attorney, I think you could actually market this and not be in violation of any sort of child protection statute or mandate. After all, you aren't actually touching them, the... Read More »

What are your thoughts about Bose speakers?

we have some for our home theater system and they seem to work pretty good.