What are your thoughts about the Asian delicacy shark fin soup?

Answer While a chef and working in Asia (Singapore and Japan) I saw many types of fins from a variety of sharks, now that was in the 1980's, if they used the whole shark for food it would be better, but t... Read More »

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To others it was a delicacy but to him it was`a symbol of oppression,who was he and what was the delicacy?

I would say the delicacy was "grapes" and he was "Cesar Chavez".

Where can I get shark fin soup in Buffalo NY?

Hopefully nowhere. Fining sharks is cruel, wasteful and is illegal in most countries.

How to Cook Asian Style Chicken Noodle Soup?

Try this Japanese twist to the well known chicken noodle soup recipe.This serving generally serves four people generously, and is therefore meant for small gatherings/family.

Hot & Sour Soup Egg Drop Soup Or Wonton Soup Which Chinese Soup do you like better?

It depends..most times I like the wonton, but I had a hot and sour one time that was so much different than the same ol same ol..omg..delic