What are your thoughts about swine flu shot?

Answer I'm not in the mood to get it, and yep I'm an asthmatic and a couple of the other bad things this flu could do to make my life hell. Eyeballing the side-effects of the vaccine itself sounds worse ... Read More »

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If you get a swine flu shot will the swine flu disappear in a week?

The swine flu shot is used to prevent the flu, not to treat the flu if you already have it. To treat the flu, antiviral medications are more likely to be prescribed, such as Tamiflu.

What Are Your Thoughts On The Swine Flu?

Just another Disease out there...What are You gonna do.There's Far Greater Threats out there to the Human Population...One more ain't gonna be any Worse.Peeps need to Calm the F*ck Down.

If you get the swine flu shot can you carry the swine flu?

If you are asking if the flu shot will give you the flu so you then can give it to others, then the answer is no. Flu shots are made from viruses that have been changed to be ineffective at causing... Read More »

How long after the flu shot can you get the swine flu shot?

In the US for the 2010-2011 flu season, the vaccination will contain vaccines for the H1N1/09 Swine flu along with the other two flu viruses expected to be circulating. So only one flu shot will be... Read More »