What are some of your sources of inspiration when approaching a design challenge in your home?

Answer Hi, Todd. I am an artist as well and what inspires me in my surroundings is usually what I am "into" at the time. I look for really different offbeat looks to enjoy. Nothing like anyone else wou... Read More »

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How do I ensure my sources are credible and site my sources, on the wikipedia article I just created?

Yahoo! Answers and word of mouth are not very credible sources, if I do say so myself. You're going to need more traditional sources to back them up.Sorry.

What is type 3 diabetes Pl mention your references (sources of information).?

GESTATIONAL diabetes, insulin-resistant type 1 diabetes (or "double diabetes").

How to Cite Your Sources?

An author writing critical or persuasive papers often relies on the authority of other writers to support his thesis. The paper writer uses information such as statistical studies as well as argume... Read More »

How to Add Your Income Sources in iMyGoals?

iMyGoals, an online financial planner in India, let's users plan their finances, by setting individual goals and analyzing these goals. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to fill in your i... Read More »