What are your opinions on Reiki Valid healing, or total quackery?

Answer I am giving you a distant session right now..can you feel it? No, oh that's because there is absolutely nothing to it, total quackery.

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Question about reiki healing - please answer if you can!?

Your question made me wonder, so I contacted my Reiki Teacher. She said she would teach it to me, but I don't know when that will happen as she is 4 hours away from me, so it will be on our next v... Read More »

How to Combine Reiki with Theta Healing?

Reiki and Theta Healing utilize the universal life force for healing. With Reiki, the practitioner places his or her hands over the client and allows the energy to flow where it’s needed. Theta H... Read More »

Spiritual healing....opinions?

If the spiritual healing decreases your stress levels, then it could be beneficial, but it will not heal your MS, and don't use it as a replacement for the treatment precribed to you by your neurol... Read More »

How long is the total healing time after breast reduction surgery?

I was out of work for two weeks, and then slowly worked my way back up into full activities after a month.I was able to shower 24 hours after surgery BUT some PS's want you to wait a few days... d... Read More »