How to Answer What Interests You About This Job?

Answer When preparing for job interviews, it is important that you consider the types of questions you may be asked. This provides you with the opportunity to brainstorm your answers ahead of time, so tha... Read More »

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How to Figure out a Boy's Interests?

So you want to get inside his head? You want to know what makes him smile, what he is passionate about and what boosts his interests? You could just ask him, but if you are too shy, here goes anoth... Read More »

How to Know Your Interests when You Go Through Phases?

A lot of people would have interests. Some of them are unexpected, some were forgotten. Then there are interests that comes when after you've just seen something cool. It's very hard to tell if som... Read More »

What is one of your hobbies/ interests?

Strong passion in quantum mechanics - its got very little, to absolutely nothing to do with my major but I love reading about it anyway. It's fascinating, nifty stuff! Contact is the best, most clo... Read More »

How to Write a CV With Interests?

CV is short for curriculum vitae, which is a Latin phrase that means "course of life." It is a list of your achievements presented in a professional manner that is clear and easy for prospective em... Read More »