What are your fitness goals (If any)?

Answer My goal is to be under 170 by next year. Right now, I think... THINK... I'm at about 188. I started at 189.6... So I think I'm at least getting somewhere.I also have decided to keep a blog so I don... Read More »

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How can Yahoo! Answers help you meet your fitness goals in 2010?

I should be a guru, the things I've learned and researched in the last 6 months - wow! Although I've spent loads of hours researching the net. And then applying it into my routine. Ultimately, what... Read More »

As you work on your fitness resolutions in the New Year, what will keep you motivated to reach your goals?

What motivates a person is unique to each individual. Here is a program that will work:1) Be specific regarding the goal such as:--improve cardio-vascular fitness--increase body tone--lose xxx pou... Read More »

How did Joseph stalins goals effect the goals of the foreign policy?

How did stalin's goals affect the goals of US foreign policy?