What are your favourite words for being drunk?

Answer Plastered and blotto

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Favourite movie when drunk?

Do you celebrate every holiday?Anyway defiantly Strange BrewCool....

Anyone know of other words that describe being "drunk"?

Intoxicatedunder the influencewreckedthree sheets to the windcrunksmashedpissedstupidwhacked****-housed******-upbombedfadedblitzedtankedtotaledtipsybuzzedblasted****-facedseeing doublesloshedbashed... Read More »

What's your favourite movie(s) that has six or more words in the title?

The Day The Earth Stood Still!(fabulous film)!

Famous last words! What are your favourite songs where the title is never mentioned until the very end?

Such a difficult and challenging question... well done!Especially because you have mentioned "The Final Cut" yourself which cuts my list down to only one song. Here it is:Secondary Waltz - by Mark ... Read More »