What are your favorite types of sushi?

Answer I always order a sashimi platter when I go out to sushi and don't even look at the price because I know it is going to rack up my bill! I specifically LOVE EEL, ESCOLAR, SALMON, MACKEREL & TUNA BEL... Read More »

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What is your favorite sushi roll, and whats in it?

Um, there is this place in sd called bento and noodles and they have a roll call the devil roll. It is so good, it had tempura shrimp in the middle, with eel on top and is covered in like 3 differ... Read More »

Which is your favorite sushi roll?

I love salmon and avocado and surprisingly I love eel as well.

What are your 3 favorite types of Cheese?

What are your top 3 favorite types of Bread?

1. Italian2. Potato3. Garlic breadHope you had a happy Thanksgiving!